Like any good western Tokyo neighborhood, Sangenjaya has a variety of local, boutique, delicious coffee shops and cafes to choose from.
Sangenjaya has been hit hard by the third wave coffee boom that has hit Tokyo in the recent years, and the results are stunning.
Coffee connoisseurs have a wide variety of drinks to choose from just within walking distance of each other.
In addition, coffee shops and cafes are dotted along the Setagaya line, departing from Sangenjaya Station ,and those looking for a quick beverage or bite to eat have plenty to choose from.

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    Obscura Laboratory

    Cafe Obscura is the tasting center for Obscura Coffee Roasters, a roasting company well known around Tokyo.
    There are four locations in Sangenjaya, Cafe, Laboratory.,Mart and Factory .
    ( Not selling at the Factory.)
    The Obscura Laboratory is a small cafe that is popular with take out beverages.
    Rather than using the pour over method that is popular with the new cafes, Obscura uses the siphon method that is associated with old school kissatens.
    The murky, dark roasted coffee of kissatens is a thing of the past at Obscura.
    Obscura roasts their own beans and achieves more of a light, sweet flavor than the smokey kissaten coffee.
    The cafe also offers espresso drinks, such as lattes, with their own beans as the espresso base.



    9 Reviews
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Taishido 4-28-9
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    Cafe Mame-Hico

    Cafe Mame-Hico is a relaxed and dim cafe, perfect for catching up on a good book or with a friend.
    The cafe roasts its own beans but places equal emphasis on drip and espresso coffee. Mame-Hico has specialty espresso drinks that change by season, including mochas or alcohol-infused coffees.
    The Sangenjaya location also offers lunch and pastry options.
    The product line is seasonal with most of the beans sourced from their farm in Hokkaido.
    Unlike the other modern cafes, Mame-Hico has been around since 2005 and has a homey and local feel.

    CafeMame-Hico Sangenjaya


    24 Reviews
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Taishido 4-20-4
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    Nozy Coffee

    Nozy Coffee is another popular coffee outpost known around the city.
    Most are introduced to Nozy Coffee’s The Roastery in Harajuku, but the roots of Nozy are found in Sangenjaya.
    Nozy specializes in single origin beans rather than blend, so visitors can choose their coffee beans based on location.
    The beans are separated by roast, country and flavor so even the newest coffee drinker can make a wise decision easily.
    Nozy also offers espresso drinks. The cafe is small, with only a few chairs and tables.
    On weekdays, the cafe is quiet but weekends can get busy and many customers will order their drinks to go.



    11 Reviews
    Tokyo Setagaya Shimoma 2-29-7
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    Coffee Wrights

    Coffee Wrights is a cozy, light filled wooden space that roasts their own beans.
    The cafe offers single origin pour overs, a line of espresso drinks and various pastries and baked goods. Their hand drip coffee is the standout drink.
    Customers can choose from a wide variety of house roasted beans, ranging from different countries and different temperatures of roasts.
    Not only is Coffee Wrights a cafe serving some of the best pour overs in town, it also houses the friendliest staff.
    The baristas are eager to discuss the making and process of their modern coffee making techniques to beginners.
    Coffee Wrights is the perfect place for the budding coffee epicure to learn the best ways to make a brew.

    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Sangenjaya 1-32-21
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    Cafe The Sun Lives Here

    Cafe The Sun Lives Here lives up to its twee name.
    The small cafe is located on a hidden street corner and is a delight to stumble upon.
    Cheesecake is the specialty of the cafe, and each cake is made by hand from fresh cream from Hokkaido. Slices of cake are served in the cafe and can be paired with a single origin coffee or espresso drink.
    Currently, oreo, yogurt and fresh cream cake are offered, but items might change depending on the season. The baked marshmallow latte is the standout drink for sweets lovers.
    Fresh pasta is also served for those who prefer their meals savory.



    7 Reviews
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Sangenjaya 1-27-33
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    Tokyo Saryo 東京茶寮

    Tokyo Saryo is a minimalist haven among crowded coffee shops and cafes.
    This modern tea house specializes in green tea, with an emphasis on origin.
    Sencha green tea is brewed pour over style, inspired by the third wave coffee movement, and is single origin rather than blend.
    The baristas take their craft seriously, measuring the temperature of the water and checking the extracted flavor.
    While green tea is still popular in Tokyo, many cafes focus more on coffee rather than its brewed, domestic friend.
    Tokyo Saryo reminds customers of that the quality and caffeine of green tea is just as good as coffee.

    Tokyo Tea Cottage
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Kamiuma 1-34-15
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    Blue Bottle Coffee

    A hip neighborhood in Tokyo isn’t hip without a Blue Bottle Coffee.
    The San Francisco based coffee shop has become a hit in Tokyo with its light roast espresso and simple drink options.
    The Sangenjaya location is hidden down a residential alley and boasts an industrial aesthetic, designed by Schemata Architects.
    The Sangenjaya Blue Bottle offers a line of espresso drinks, pour over coffee and in house baked pastries. The location is fairly spacious and ideal for remote workers.
    The exterior design might look drab but the inside is warm and comforting.

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    On the Setagaya Line

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    Attic FURNITURE Interior & Coffee Stand - Wakabayashi Station 若林駅

    Attic Furniture Interior and Coffee stand is a niche cafe selling both antique furniture and delicious coffee.
    There is an eclectic variety of furniture offered, ranging from lighting to leather armchairs to teak wood tables.
    Visitors can even bring in their furniture for repair or maintenance.
    The cafe stand is conveniently placed on the side of the store, masterfully blending in with the furniture.
    Espresso drinks and drip coffee are offered in to go cups, and visitors can sit at the counter or peruse the store with their drink.

    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Wakabayashi 2-38-11 Wakabayashi Building 101
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    City Coffee Setagaya - Setagaya Station 世田谷駅

    For meals, pastries and coffee in a traditional cafe style, look no further than City Coffee Setagaya.
    The seasonal pastries are the perfect match with their coffee.
    The pastries change often and with the season, for example, Christmas bran muffins are their December specialty.
    The cafe is warm and light filled with plants hanging from the ceiling.
    For those looking for a larger meal, their hot panini sandwiches are the top recommendation. A rarity in Japan, City Coffee’s paninis are thick and American style.
    City Coffee is the perfect place to while away a few hours over a cup of coffee and a good conversation.

    シティ コーヒー セタガヤ 世田谷駅
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    Your Daily Coffee - Kamimachi Station 上町駅

    Your Daily Coffee is a quaint, light wooden cafe serving some of the best third wave coffee in Kamimachi.
    The cafe serves espresso drinks, ranging from the standard latte to the unconventional salt caramel latte.
    There is plenty to choose from for non coffee drinkers as well, such as the traditional matcha latte or homemade lemonade.
    Small bites are also offered, like pastries or small sandwiches and toast.
    Your Daily Coffee might be small but is packed with fine espresso and genial service that makes it one of the best known coffee shops in Setagaya.

    東京都世田谷区世田谷2-14-3 TKビル1F
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