Tokyo is filled with mouth watering food, from domestic delicacies to international cuisine. However, the hamburger trend has not spread as widely as it has abroad.
Luckily, Sangenjaya offers a wide range of specialty hamburger restaurants that serve large, meaty burgers that put fast food joints to shame.

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    Detroit Meat Choppers

    The name Detroit Meat Choppers originates from the owner’s original job. In a previous life, the owner worked as a salesman for Goodyear tires.
    He changed his direction towards burgers, since he believed that they resemble tires.
    Now he owns Detroit Meat Choppers, named after the hometown of Goodyear tires.
    The inimitable hamburgers are perfect for carnivorous eaters with thick meat patties and oozing yellow cheese goodness.
    The restaurant is stocked with craft beer from around the world.
    The owner is a presence himself, his personality is dotted around the store and he has been given the representation of some of the best burgers in town.
    The double cheeseburger is recommended for those with strong stomachs and an even bigger appetite.

    Detroit Meat Choppers
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    Clap Hands

    The atmosphere and design of Clap Hands doesn’t scream Americana but that doesn’t affect the flavor and size of the hamburgers.
    Their burgers are stacked high and enclosed with in house baked sesame buns.
    The classic hamburger is the best option, with a hamburger patty topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and optional cheese, served with potato wedges.
    The hamburger can also be split in half for customers wanting to share.
    The restaurant also serves bottled craft beer and various alcoholic beverages, and steak and pasta for those opting out of the burger route.

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    Bakers Bounce

    This American style diner serves hamburger meals and beer in a fast food like atmosphere.
    Their most famous burger is topped with bacon, pickles and the traditional works with coleslaw and thick cut wedge fries on the side.
    Hungrier patrons can try a double stacked burger, with two hamburger patties.
    The condiments are all sourced from America, think neon yellow French’s mustard, and blends into the Americana atmosphere the restaurant exudes.
    For non-burger folks, Bakers Bounce serves a good club sandwich. Be sure to grab a seat at the counter for an authentic diner experience.



    32 Reviews
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Taishido 5-13-5
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    Ten Fingers

    Ten Fingers delves right into retro 1950s America with its checkered tile floors and cherry red furniture. Their hamburgers are named after how many fingers it takes to hold the sandwich, ranging from ten fingers to six fingers.
    Unlike most hamburger shops in the area, Ten Fingers also serves other American style food, from cobb salad to chicken wings to a large banana split for dessert.
    There is also a large cocktail menu, however, hamburgers are best eaten with a hand spun shake or cream soda. Hamburgers and select menu items are also available for take out, with the Ten Fingers Burger costing 1,000 yen.
    Ten Fingers is also very affordable, as most of their menu items are 1,000 yen or under.

    Ten fingers burger


    5 Reviews
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Taishidou 4-23-11 GEMS (Gems) Sangenjaya 1F
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    The 3rd Burger

    This healthy burger shop prides itself on being preservative free, with handmade buns and pate. It’s situated in the Chazawa street and recommend menu is the Avocado Wasabi Burger (550 yen). Add a smoothie made from fresh fruits and vegetables (590 yen) for a guilt-free meal, which is one of the reasons why The 3rd Burger is popular with mothers and children.

    the Third Burger Sangendyaya


    5 Reviews
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Taishidou 4-28-11 Kawagane Building 1F
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    Fungo, pronounced fun and go, is actually the parent company of Ten Fingers and other western style restaurants around the city.
    Their location in Sangenjaya serves classic hamburgers in both “mini” and “large” sizes with a choice of cheese and a side of french fries.
    Some specialty burgers include the Hawaiian Pineapple or Mexican burger, as well as the Bacon Cheese Burger (1,550 yen).
    Diners can also choose toppings on top of their burger.
    There are a variety of beers to choose from, including imported craft favorites like Anchor Steam and Hoegaarden.
    Fungo also serves sandwiches, both hot and cold. Morning and evening brings in a different breakfast and dinner menu serving American inspired meals like pancakes and Tex Mex.



    18 Reviews
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Shimouma 1-40-10
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    With its garage-inspired design, L.A. Garage is located in Mishuku and boasts an extensive burger menu, including a unique Apple Burger (1,150 yen). While it might be a little more expensive than some other burger joints, it’s definitely worth the price and their weekday lunch sets are quite reasonable. Aside from their burgers, you can order nachos, rice dishes, pancakes and soups, as well as a side serve of your choice of thin or thick fries.

    LAGARAGE (LA Garage)


    2 Reviews
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku

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