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What to Eat in Kagurazaka



13. February. 2019

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Tokyo’s Kagurazaka district has long had an upmarket image: once as a hub of geisha culture and nowadays as the city’s unofficial ‘French Quarter’.
Look beyond the exclusive bistros though, and you’ll find that the neighborhood’s food scene has a more international menu than its reputation might suggest.
Even better, it’s one that can also be enjoyed in more laidback eateries, at wallet-friendly prices. Here are six such spots, whose fare ranges from meat sushi to finger-licking US-style seafood.


  • Cafe Mugimaru 2
  • Gojuban Kagurazaka Honten 五十番 神楽坂本店
  • Nikuzushi 肉寿司
  • Canal Café
  • Tsujita Okunoin つじ田 奥の院
  • Fingers

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