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Best Things to Do in Kagurazaka



25. August. 2019

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Kagurazaka has long enjoyed an upscale reputation, since its days as home to some of the city’s most prestigious geisha houses.

This continues into the 21st century, with the area presenting a tony take on both Japanese tradition and up-to-the-minute contemporary culture.

Look a little deeper and you’ll find Kaguarazaka also has some eccentric outliers hidden down its storied streets, including a borderline-kitsch sento bath, and a distinct homely record store.

A Day in Kagurazaka


  • Buy Incense at Juttoku
  • Canal Café
  • Shopping at Akomeya Tokyo in La Kagū
  • Tonkatsu at Agezuki
  • Luxurious Lunch at Hana Kagura
  • Visit Two Stylish Shrines
  • Japanese Beauty Products at Cosmetics Makanai
  • Nikuman at Gojuban
  • The Shop Called "the Cat Post Office"
  • Cafe Mugimaru 2
  • Stroll through Kakurenbo Yokocho
  • Relax at Atamiyu
  • Enjoy seafood at "Fingers"
  • Music at Mash Records
  • Yakiniku restraunt Shozantei

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