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Bookstores of Jinbocho



16. February. 2019

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The Jinbocho neighborhood in Tokyo’s historic Kanda district (sometimes alternately written as Jimbocho) has evolved over many decades into the city’s focal point for all things book-related. Numerous publishers and literary agents have their offices here, and countless bookshops line the streets; particularly around the intersection of Yasukuni-dori and Hakusan-dori. Famed for musty-smelling antiquarian booksellers but also home to contemporary stores specializing in architecture, fashion and more, Jinbocho is unmissable for book lovers. Join us as we visit seven of its best bookstores.


  • Genkido Books
  • Magnif Zinebocho
  • Ohya Shobo
  • Books Tokyodo Kanda Jinbocho
  • Isseido Book Store
  • Nanyodo Book Store
  • Books Sanseido

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