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Breakfast in Kyoto



11. May. 2019

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If you are going to explore Kyoto in an age of peak tourism, you will have to have your wits about you. Two rules to live by: find the hidden gems, and strike early. Instead of grabbing something from Mr. Donut on the way to Kinkaku-ji, get a quality breakfast at one of these lesser-known spots and begin your exploration.
Here are ten fine choices to get the morning started right.

Breakfast in Kyoto


  • Apprivoiser
  • Kissa LA MADRAGUE 喫茶マドラグ
  • Café & Champagne Gion Chikara 祇園ちから
  • Inoda Coffee イノダコーヒー
  • Lorimer Kyoto
  • Takagi Coffee 高木珈琲店
  • Bake House Inoue 井上製パン
  • Miyako Yasui Kamo-Karasuma branch 都野菜賀茂 烏丸店
  • Matsuba-Kyoto station branch 松葉 京都駅店

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