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11 of the Best Things to Do in Tsukiji



1. June. 2019

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After years of discussion, the Tsukiji Inner Market (famed for its tuna auction) has now relocated to Toyosu; however, the Tsukiji Outer Market remains just as bustling and vibrant as it ever was. It’s packed with food stalls and restaurants serving up fresh seafood dishes, as well as being home to iconic stores that have been trading for years. If you’re looking to sample a sushi breakfast, sample one-of-a-kind sweets, pick up some new kitchenware or grab a snack to go, Tsukiji will forever be known as one of Tokyo’s culinary hubs.

It’s a great place to head for some of the best food in Tokyo, with a casual atmosphere and plenty of street-side snacks. But the area’s also home to a number of religious landmarks and parks that are a destination in themselves.
In this article, we’ll introduce some of the sights not to miss the next time you’re in Tsukiji.

11 of the Best Things to Do in Tsukiji


  • Tsukiji Outer Market
  • 1. Feast while walking through the food market
  • 2. Pick up maps and tourist information
  • 3. Shop for “made in Japan” goods at these specialist shops
  • 4. It’s not only about fresh seafood!
  • 5. Discover the unique cooking techniques of Japan
  • 6. Watch soccer at the birthplace of Japanese football
  • Tsukiji
  • 7. Admire the architecture of Tsukiji Hongwan-ji
  • 8. Enjoy the tranquility of Tsukiji Namiyoke Jinja
  • 9. Visit Tokyo's oldest Catholic church
  • 10. Hama Rikyu Gardens
  • Tsukishima
  • 11. Monja Street

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