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The evolution of Toyosu Market has been a long time in the making, but after moving from Tsukiji to its current home in late 2018, the site is now finally ready for tourists. It may not be as established as the fish market’s former home of Tsukiji, but it’s now home to the world famous tuna auction, plenty of sushi restaurants, and some impressive city views. Get there well before sunrise to watch the auction and spend the rest of the morning exploring what this bourgeoning tourist hub has to offer.

  • To get the full Toyosu experience, start the morning at the tuna auction, an event that was once of Tsukiji’s main drawcards. Full access to the auction site opens for the public from January 15th, 2019. In the viewing area, there’s a gallery for the public to watch from and an observation deck on the lower floor. To catch the whole show, get to the market before 5 am to secure a spot inside, don’t sleep in because the fast-paced action of the action only lasts 30-60 minutes. The auction site area is cooled down to ten degrees (Celsius) - to keep the tuna super fresh - so don’t forget to pack some extra layers!

    Once the auction is finished for the day, there’s still plenty more to see. If you’re fast, there’s a likely chance you’ll be able to catch the sunrise over Tokyo city from across the bay. A scenic way to start the day and an excellent opportunity for photographers, the best vantage point is atop the roof of the market’s Building 6. From this spot, you’ll be able to see a collection of the city’s most iconic landmarks including Odaiba’s Rainbow Bridge, the Olympic athletes’ village (which is currently under construction), and if the weather is clear, Mt. Fuji.

    After you’ve caught the sunrise from the top of building 6, head on down into the building for some breakfast. Level three of Building 6 is where you’ll find most of the market’s restaurants, including the famous Sushi Dai, a restaurant where people line up way before dawn to grab a table. Beyond seafood, this area is also home to cafes, curry shops, and ramen restaurants too.

    Go up one level to the fourth floor of Building 6, and you’ll find an indoor market selling not only tourist-related goods, like snacks and souvenirs, but also products for commercial restaurants such as knives and wholesale goods.

    For more insight into just what’s on offer, pay a visit to the Tourist Information Center, which opens at 7 am to collect a few insider’s tips. Also, keep a lookout for the many QR codes on display scattered throughout the market, many will help offer an insight about what’s happening here at the market.

    The Toyosu Market isn’t quite as easy to access as Tsukiji, but there are a few ways to get there. To see the most of the tuna auction, it’s best to get the as early as possible, we recommend catching the Toei Bus (都営バス 市01) from Shimbashi Station at 5:02 am. You’ll arrive at Toyosu Market Station (豊洲市場) within 25 to 40 minutes depending on traffic, and have plenty of time to catch all the action.

    Another option if you would like to avoid the bus, is to catch the 5:01 am Yurakucho Line train from Yurakucho Station. It will arrive at Toyosu Station at 5:09 am, then
    catch the 5:15 am Yurikamome monorail line to Shijo-mae Station. It will arrive at Shijo-mae Station (市場前), the nearest station to the market, at 5:18 am.

    After taking in all that the market has to offer, if you are planning on returning to the Ginza area or Tokyo Station, you can do your bit for the environment by catching one of the bright blue Hydrogen Fuel Cell buses. One hundred of these silent, hydrogen fuel cell-powered buses are planned to be in service around Tokyo before the 2020 Olympics.

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