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Strolling Mini Kyoto on a Day in Takehara



29. December. 2018

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In the past quarter-century, there has been a movement picking up steam to preserve and protect towns like Takehara, but, as writers like Alex Kerr have pointed out tourism can be both preservative and corrosive. Takehera has attempted to walk the tightrope of all towns that throw out a life preserver to visitors: hold on to what was not bulldozed or covered with concrete in the 1950s and 1960s, renew interest in the past, and integrate modern life with historical infrastructure. The result in Takehara is a quaint, typical small city, with a particularly well-preserved slice of old town left behind by wealthy salt and shipping barons. The best measure of success, perhaps, is that there is plenty to divert the visitor to Takehara, and not all of it in the old city.

Strolling Mini Kyoto on a Day in Takehara


  • Shiokaze
  • Ifull Street
  • Taketsuru Brewing
  • Tikuraku
  • Uango
  • Saihoji
  • Bar Roberta

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