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Steering by Michelin’s Green Guide in Fukuoka



1. December. 2018

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What guides Michelin’s offer—among plenty of useful tips—is a certain lens with which to view a place. Take the Michelin Red Guide coverage of Tokyo: through the monocle of a well-heeled European gourmand, it’s a city blanketed with exclusive sushi counters and fine French cuisine—but you could follow Lonely Planet Tokyo’s recommendations, sent in by millennial stringers, and end up drinking beers in Harmonica Yokocho before taking the train into Koenji to buy gently-used Balmain. Bringing up a less well-covered location like Fukuoka in Michelin’s Green Guide, you can get a sense for the perception of the city, as a whole, along with some pointers on where to go.

Steering by Michelin’s Green Guide in Fukuoka


  • Canal City Hakata
  • Kushida Shrine
  • Shofukuji
  • Tenjin Underground Shopping Center

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