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Five Hidden Culinary Treasures in Fukuoka (and One Bonus)



23. November. 2018

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The rest of the world is only slowly catching up with what many in the country already know: Fukuoka is one of the planet’s culinary capitals. With access to rich farmland and the riches of the Genkai Sea, as well as a history as a cultural and ethnic melting pot, it makes sense that Fukuoka has great food. There’s the yatai scene, of course, and everybody knows Hakata ramen, but here are five less obvious choices, as well as a bonus that’s not strictly local but worth checking out.


  • Worship at the Temple to Mentaiko, Ganso Mentai Nikomi
  • Ham-and-Egg Manju at Mucchan
  • Karasumi Mochi
  • Chicken Skin, Two Ways
  • Bonus: Bake Cheese Tarts

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