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Yokohama is a city that knows how to party. Throughout history, the city’s international population has garnered the city a reputation for doing things a little differently. The city does have the standard izakayas, sure, but beyond that is a world of internationally influenced restaurants, bars, and late-night hangouts unlike anywhere else in Japan. From lively, US-style diners, and Scandinavian restaurants, to elegant jazz bars and gritty local sake joints, no matter your nightlife preference you’ll find somewhere in Yokohama to have a great time.

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    Jack Cafe Bar

    If you’re wanting to dive head first into the city’s international nightlife scene, there’s no better place to start than Jack Cafe in Kannai. An American-diner style restaurant, cafe, and bar it’s open throughout the day but after dark is when the place really comes alive. The bar serves a broad selection of drinks including local offerings like sake (nihonshu), Japanese spirits (shochu), as well as more western tastes like wine, cocktails, and international beers. With its outdoor terrace seating it’s an excellent place to relax, people watch and unwind after a long day exploring the city.

    Kanagawa Pref. Yokohamashi Naka-ku Kaigandori 1-1 Japan Building 1F
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    Restaurant Scandia and Penny's Dinner

    Restaurant Scandia and Penny's Dinner are two separate establishments located within the same multi-level building. They’re entirely different in terms of menu and atmosphere, but that’s even more reason to visit. They’re an ideal choice if you’re looking to do a little bar hopping but not wanting to travel too far. For unique Scandinavian cuisine, Restaurant Scandia is where to go. The second floor of Restaurant Scandia features a formal dining experience, while the first level is more casual, making it suitable for all tastes. Next door is Penny's Diner, which is better suited to families, and those wanting a far more laid back evening. Taking cues from 1950s-era American diners, Penny’s serves no-frills American burgers, as well as tex-mex style dishes and tall, frosty glasses of Blue Moon beer.

    Kanagawa Yokohama-shi Naka-ku Kaigan-dori 1-1
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    Bar Bar Bar Jazz Bar

    As you may have noticed from the name, this late night establishment loves two things; booze and jazz. Yokohama with its American history has a reputation for being one of Japan’s premier jazz cities, so if you’re a music fan and you find yourself in town, a visit to Bar Bar Bar Jazz Bar is a must add to the itinerary. The bar also has an extensive European inspired dinner menu, making it the perfect place to pop in for an elegant but casual meal and an intimate live show performed by some of the country’s best jazz talents.

    Kanagawa Pref. Yokohamashi Naka-ku Aioichou 1-25 Wakaba Transport Building 1/2 F
    [Restaurant]18:00-End of Liv…
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    Nogecho and Tabemono Yokocho

    To party like the locals do, you can’t miss a visit to Nogecho, aka Noge, the booze-soaked laneway populated by cozy hangouts, friendly locals and soundtracked by jazz that leaks the through the walls of the bars and creeps along the dimly lit streets. Tucked between Minato Mirai and Kannai, south of Sakuragicho Station, it’s long been an after-work hangout for Yokohama salarymen and blue-collar workers, but internationally is still a relatively well-kept secret. It’s a slightly grittier, more rustic side of the city not often seen by foreign guests, but that’s what makes it so special. For a truly authentic Yokohama nightlife experience, pop by Tabemono Yokocho, an indoor laneway populated by a few local restaurants to grab a bite before exploring the streets of Noge.

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    Jokiya Izakaya

    If you’re feeling a little peckish while bar hopping through Noge, stop by Jokiya Izakaya for some classic Japanese food and warm local hospitality. Just three minutes from JR Sakuragi-cho station, the izakaya offers a broad selection of local and international style cuisine. You can expect everything from pasta, to yaki-niku, sushi, and uni (sea urchin). If you’re finding it difficult to choose there are also courses and all you can drink deals available too.

    蒸氣屋 野毛本店 (蒸気屋 ジョウキヤ)
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