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Nightlife in Yokohama



9. November. 2018

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Yokohama is a city that knows how to party. Throughout history, the city’s international population has garnered the city a reputation for doing things a little differently. The city does have the standard izakayas, sure, but beyond that is a world of internationally influenced restaurants, bars, and late-night hangouts unlike anywhere else in Japan. From lively, US-style diners, and Scandinavian restaurants, to elegant jazz bars and gritty local sake joints, no matter your nightlife preference you’ll find somewhere in Yokohama to have a great time.

Nightlife in Yokohama


  • Jack Cafe Bar
  • Restaurant Scandia and Penny's Dinner
  • Bar Bar Bar Jazz Bar
  • Nogecho and Tabemono Yokocho
  • Jokiya Izakaya

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