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Sky Duck Cruise in Yokohama



8. November. 2018

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Yokohama is an excellent city to explore on land, but for a whole new view of the place, hop aboard the Sky Duck Cruise. This land-driving, water cruising bus-boat hybrid is arguably one of the most out-there transport methods not only in Japan but the world. Launching here in 2016, the Sky Duck Cruise is one of the Minato Mirai area’s newest tourist attractions, but it’s quickly gained a lot of attention from both local and international guests alike. If you’re in the waterfront area of the city, it’s hard to miss the bus emblazoned in bright red and blue signage. This uniquely shaped amphibious vehicle looks at first glance like nothing more than a strangely shaped bus, but in James Bond fashion it transforms into a fully functioning cruising boat once it hits the water of Yokohama Bay.

Sky Duck Cruise in Yokohama

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