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Nippondaira Hotel



21. January. 2019

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Overlooking Suruga Bay, Mt. Fuji, and the spectacular Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture’s Nippondaira Hotel has been a luxury destination since its inauguration in 1964. Located in the Nihondaira plateau, this modern hotel sits in the centre of a generous expanse of manicured greenery that feels miles from civilization—though a free private shuttle keeps it easily accessible from Shizuoka Station (itself only an one-hour bullet train from Tokyo Station). The Nippondaira is a premium destination with an appropriately premium price tag, but it’s more affordable than you might imagine—and a truly decadent way to indulge.


  • Spend the Night
  • Enveloped in Green
  • Indulge Your Palate
  • Bask in the Moonlight Glow
  • Make Lasting Memories

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