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The Kii Peninsula - A land of water



10. December. 2018

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Situated in the far south of the Kansai region at the southern tip of the Kii Peninsula, Wakayama is a mostly rural prefecture of abundant nature, dominated by the Pacific Ocean along its coastline, and the remote and sacred mountains of the Kumano Kodo found further inland. Despite being only a couple of hours away by train from the megacities of Osaka and Nagoya, this part of Japan feels an entire world apart and its fabulous beaches, onsen, and cultural sites make it well worth a visit for anyone looking to get somewhat off-the-beaten-track.
Whether it be the ocean or the many rivers and waterfalls which tumble down from the mountains, water is the dominant force which has shaped the landscape and influences everyday life in the Kii Peninsula, and many of the region’s attractions have a close connection to the wet stuff.

The Kii Peninsula - A land of water

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