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World Heritage in Wakayama



28. November. 2018

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Japan boasts 22 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with a special section in Wakayama named ‘The Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range.’ This selection of sites encompasses the religious and the natural and was chosen for the importance of ancient pilgrimages, both in the past and present day. The Kii Mountain Range is best known for its vermillion shrines and cedar trees. The sites can be accessed through public transportation, car, or the old fashioned way, hiking.

World Heritage in Wakayama


  • Asuka Jinja(阿須賀神社)
  • Kamikura Jinja(神倉神社)
  • Nachi no Taki(那智滝)
  • Kumano no Nachi Taisha(熊野那智大社)

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