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Exiled in Esshu: four spots to check out in Echizen and Sabae



13. November. 2018

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A thousand years and a handful of centuries ago, a province called Echizen was created in northern Fukui from the scraps of other districts. The ancient province, also known as Esshu, was famous for paper—washi—and poets—Otomo no Yakamochi, among others—and pottery—its kilns turned out some of the finest ceramics in the land, and it helped link the country to the powerful kingdoms of China. The city of Echizen and its neighbor, Sabae, a few miles up the road, sit on the same territory as the former province, and have inherited its historical legacy, while also forging their own modern identity. On a visit to Echizen and Sabae, these are the spots to hit.

Exiled in Esshu: five spots to check out in Echizen and Sabae


  • Gotanjoji, the Cat Temple
  • Echizen Lacquerware Traditional Industry Hall
  • Okamoto-Otaki Shrine
  • Murasaki Shikibu Koen

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