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What to eat in Kisami Ohama - Shimoda



5. November. 2018

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The beachy neighborhood of Kisami Ohama in Shimoda is home to an eclectic family of restaurants definitely worth visiting if you find yourself in the area. From classic Japanese set menus and American-style club sandwiches to filling Chinese cuisine, there’s something for all taste buds. Although there’s a lot of variety across establishments, there are a few things that stay consistent: the hospitality is warm, the vibe is relaxed, and the seafood is incredible. Here are some places you have to add to your culinary itinerary.

What to eat in Kisami Ohama - Shimoda


  • Shokudo Tobiishi
  • Cafe Mellow
  • On the Beach
  • South Café
  • Ohama Momokawaro

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