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What to Eat in Naha



25. October. 2018

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Naha’s food scene encompasses both the region’s unique traditional cuisine, vastly different to that of the Japanese mainland, and modern favorites, such as taco rice, born out of the American presence on the Okinawan islands. The city is also home to a fast-growing number of vegetarian, vegan, and organic eateries. This is the result of increasing health consciousness among Okinawans: already famed worldwide for their long lifespans, with many attributing this to the local diet.

What to Eat in Naha


  • Souki Soba at Maruyasu Soba
  • Goya Tempura at Itomanya
  • Drink Habushu
  • Ecaqi's Roast Beef and Egg Donburi
  • Blue Seal Ice Cream
  • Hirayachi (Okinawan Okonimiyaki) at Itomanya
  • Fish Soup at Itomanya
  • Vegan Lunch Sets at Mana
  • Vegetarian dishes at Ukishima Garden

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