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What to Eat and Drink in Yoron



25. October. 2018

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Yoron, the southernmost of Kagoshima Prefecture and the closest to Okinawa, has been described by a popular Japanese travel magazine as ‘the paradise that is closest to heaven.’ Yoron’s food plays a part in garnering the island such gushing praise, with local cuisine consisting of simple yet supremely delicious fare that makes the most of fresh local ingredients. Food here is often incredibly healthy too: be sure to try goya and mozuku as great examples of this.

What to Eat and Drink in Yoron


  • Chicken Curry and Maiu-don at Cafe Kaigan Dori
  • Gourmet Pastas, Curries and Smoothies at Kujira Café
  • Seafood at Izakaya Hyoukin: Flying Fish, Katsuo Sashimi and Mozuku Somen
  • Tropical Fruits
  • Shimayusen: Yoron’s Kokuto Shochu

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