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What to Do in Amami



26. October. 2018

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Amami might be peaceful and resolutely laid back, but visitors will never want for something to do. The island offers plenty to fill days and nights with, from spying exotic creatures to people-watching in the Yanigawa-dori nightlife district; or from kayaking round a mangrove forest to sampling one of Japan’s favorite shochu brands right where it is produced.

What to Do in Amami


  • Kayak Tour of the Mangrove Park
  • Tour the Rento Shochu Factory, then Get a Tasting and Buy a Bottle
  • Catch a Glimpse of Amami's Wildlife: under Water or on the Ground
  • Hangout with the Family at Ayamaru Misaki Kanko Park
  • Sunset at Ohama Seaside Park, then a Night Out in Yanigawa-Dori

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