Where to Eat in Miura Hanto



The Miura Peninsula’s dining spots are generally as breezily laid-back as the vibe of the area itself, and make ample use of locally-caught seafoods and, in high summer, the thirst-quenching watermelon Miura is famous for. Besides traditional Japanese eateries, these days there’s an international aspect to Miura’s food and drink scene too: here you can gaze upon the distant Mt. Fuji while tucking into Kamehameha’s Hawaiian soul food, or maybe sample some of Mexico’s finest mezcal and tequila at Cantina Mezcaleria La Cuenta.

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    Blue Moon Restaurant on Miura Beach

    The highly popular Blue Moon is something of a local landmark. Sitting on Tsukuihama Beach (a short walk from Miura Beach) and directly facing the ocean, this laid-back and vaguely Mediterranean-feeling spot is acclaimed for its spare ribs, pancakes, and sweets. Hand-painted blue chairs, blue denim table mats and an old acoustic guitar hanging on the wall set a mellow tone, and for Miura’s annual hanabi matsuri (fireworks festival) Blue Moon sets out tables in its parking lot so that diners can enjoy the spectacle while they eat. Menu highlights include the spare rib curry, and for dessert kakigori (shaved ice flavored with syrup; enjoyed in Japan for centuries) served inside half a local watermelon and topped with cream. Blue Moon’s warmly welcoming owner speaks some English.

    Kanagawa Yokosuka-shi Tsukui 1-4-7
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    Kamehameha Beach House

    This Hawaiian-themed beach house-style eatery, on Araihama Beach, boasts one beautiful touch you won’t find in Oahu or Honolulu: a view of Mt. Fuji way over on the other side of Sagami Bay. Dishes here are in keeping with the grass-canopied, surfboard and tiki totem-bedecked premises: loco moco; kalua pork and so on, complemented by summer cocktails. Also offered all year round is a set-price barbecue menu. Beach balls and other water toys are available for hire, along with beach beds from which to swoon as the sun sinks slowly behind the revered Fuji-san.

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    Seafood Restaurant Kanea

    No run-down of Miura dining spots would be complete without a speciality seafood restaurant, given the delectability of the region’s catch. Kanea, located right next to Jogashima Lighthouse, is one of the area’s most highly rated. A deceptively humble-looking premises, split between tables-and-chairs and traditional tatami mat seating, its extensive, reasonably priced menu includes sashimi (set meals priced at 1,620 yen and 2,160 yen); donburi rice bowls topped with maguro (raw tuna) and whitebait (1,390 yen); and a variety of seasonal fish served grilled. Even if you don’t have lunch here, Kanea is great for a quick rest on a hot summer’s day: cool down with a refreshing kakigori.

    磯料理 魚のかねあ
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    Sushidokoro Tachikichi in Miura City

    Tachikichi is one of the Miura port district’s most highly rated sushi restaurants. Simple and no-frills yet with plenty of character, this small, neighborhood-style shop specializes in locally-caught tuna, which it serves a la carte; as the centerpiece of moriawase mixed sushi plates; or atop donburi rice bowls.

    Kanagawa Miura-shi Misaki 5-2-6
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    Cantina Mezcaleria La Cuenta

    Just as a venomous creature warns of its deadliness via bold and colorful markings, this dedicated mezcal and tequila bar speaks of its potent wares with a striking, can’t-miss-it facade: you’ll spot the giant mural of a twin bottle-wielding Mexican wrestler from way off. La Cuenta boasts a superb selection of the agave-based mezcal, including the gourmet-level Sombra which is fully handcrafted using sustainable methods. Other brands of tequila and mezcal include some rarely found in Japan, while bar food includes classic Mexican dishes as well as La Cuenta’s own take on ramen. A port-side location makes this a great spot in the summer months, with limited outdoor seating available.

    Kanagawa Miura-shi Misaki 3-6-10
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