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Feels hot at night: Miura Beach Fireworks Festival



22. October. 2018

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Shattered gems fall through the night sky. Strands of smoke, lit green and red and gold, drifting slowly on the wind. The smell of the beach, rising up with the heat still radiating from the sand. Miura Beach is thronged. Children race among the crowds, looking up with each pop. Men with their wives, sharing a can of Strong Zero. Suddenly, the smell of black powder fills the air, floating down from a ball of gold light exploding right above the beach. The boys look away for a moment from the beach girls, consecrated by the sun, who come here every single day, hiding bikini bellies under replica Gucci T-shirts. This is Miura Beach and these are fireworks.

Feels hot at night: Miura Beach Fireworks Festival

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