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Nightlife in Nishi Ogikubo



17. May. 2019

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Nishi Ogikubu is small but eclectic neighbourhood just west of Tokyo on the Chuo Line. Often overshadowed by the more popular adjacent Kichijoji station, Nishi Ogikubo has its own diverse mix of food, art and music. The homey streets, which can be a little dull during the day, come alive after dark with plenty of bright spots that gather its nightlife.


  • Hobo Ya Blues Bar
  • Nandemo Recycle Shop
  • Pit Bar
  • Yakitori Yebisu
  • Suppin Bakawarai Izakaya
  • Mountain Hut Bar Nishiogi Hütte
  • Handsome Shokudo
  • Genka Bistro BAN!
  • Yakitori Yoneda

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