Where to Stay on the Goto Islands Where to Stay on the Goto Islands

Where to Stay on the Goto Islands



Where to Stay on the Goto Islands

The Goto Islands have never attracted the same numbers of visitors as Yakushima or the islands of Okinawa, which means that the archipelago is peaceful and, depending on the time of year, can feel nearly deserted. Part of the charm of the islands is that tourist infrastructure ranges from basic to nonexistent, but there are still options!

  • The Goto City Tourist Association is the best source for information about where to stay on the island. The Association oversees the tourist bureaucracy of most of the islands in the chain and maintain a fairly comprehensive page of listings on their website. A call to their main phone number (0959-72-2963), or inquiries through their website are a great first step, if you plan to spend a few nights. In recent years, the variety and number of accomodations has increased as savvy locals have followed the lead of other vacation hotspots like Okinawa and put some of the islands’ properties on Airbnb and other minpaku services.

    Shimizu Guest House is representative of the utilitarian lodgings available in Fukue: fairly inexpensive, tidy, centrally located, with a friendly host. For those planning to spend a few days on the island, and planning to use Fukue as a launchpad for day trips out to other islands, Shimizu Guest House is a fine option.

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    Naru Island’s Miyanomori Park Camping Ground is a great place to kick back for a day or two, especially if you’re interested in seeing as much as you can of the island. There are services and sites for well-equipped campers bringing tents in, but most will choose one of the bungalows on the property. Apart from its ideal setting in the center of Naru Island, the campground is set up with all the mod cons you would expect.

    Sansan Tomie Campground on the southern peninsula of Fukue benefits from sitting on some of the prettiest property in the archipelago. In the busy season through July and August, the campground’s bungalows can be tougher to book, often filling up with corporate retreats and big city vacationers, but the things slow down in the cooler months. Full service bungalows are available, but there are also options for tent rentals. The campground has more of a resort feel, with plenty of activities to take part in along the strip of beach that fronts the property.

    The white sands that run along Sansan Tomie Campground are one of the reasons people make the trek out to this part of Fukue. In the right season, many of the beaches of the Goto archipelago can be virtually private, but the stretch around Sansan Tomie Campground is a great option if you want a more active atmosphere, with other campers taking advantage of the beach volleyball courts and bike rentals.

    Gyougasaki Park Campground is another option for camping on Fukue. The private cabins are comfortable and convenient, especially if you’re traveling by rental car, and offer some of the best views you can expect on the island.


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