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Only 60 mins from Shinjuku! Top travel tips for Mt.Takao



5. July. 2019

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Though Tokyo is known as a concrete jungle, Mt. Takao (or Takao-san as it is known to the Japanese) is all-natural. It takes only an hour to reach the mountain via a direct route from Shinjuku Station, making it the perfect destination for a satisfying hike that will still have you home in time for dinner.  

Mt. Takao is a famous destination for busy Tokyo residents who want to escape the city and immerse themselves in nature. There are several trails that cater to hikers of all skill levels and numerous tourist attractions. Since receiving three stars from the Michelin Travel Guide in 2009, Mt. Takao has become very popular with Japanese visitors on weekends, so it might be best to visit on a weekday.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill up your water bottle, lace up your shoes, and find out why 2.6 million people scale this sacred mountain each year.

Only 60 mins from Shinjuku! Top travel tips for Mt.Takao


  • Purchase a Mt. Takao Discount Ticket
  • Shop for hiking tools at one of Takaosanguchi Station’s outdoor shop
  • Select a hiking trail to the top of Mt. Takao
  • Trail #3: Katsura Forest Trail
  • Combine trail #1 and #4
  • Walk along the ridge line of Mt. Jimba to Mt. Takao
  • There is a lot more to do in the Mt. Takao region other than hiking, so here's a list of things you might want to try.
  • Satisfy your appetite at the foot of Mt. Takao
  • Observe the cable car/chair lift’s panoramic views
  • Drink and eat to your heart's content at the Takao Beer Mount
  • Make a stop at the Takao Monkey Park
  • Refuel with a bowl of Tororo Soba, a local specialty
  • Pay a visit to the Yaokuoin Temple for a spiritual uplift
  • Discover the charm of Mt. Takao at the TAKAO 599 MUSEUM
  • Try local sweets: Dango and Tenguyaki
  • Treat yourself to a relaxing bath at Gokurakuyu

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