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The 13 Shopping Spots You Shouldn’t Miss in Shinjuku



27. November. 2019

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Shopping in Shinjuku can be daunting. This shopping guide will lead you the way into the best shopping areas for clothes, food, and souvenirs that are tourist-approved and locally recommended. The district is filled with towering buildings sprinkled with neon boards and signs, people rushing up and about, and the brightly lit shops here and there.

Shinjuku Station has 3 main Exits: East, West, and South. Each one connected to 3 main areas and even the locals sometimes lose their way in the gigantic Shinjuku-station-labyrinth. So, read on to avoid getting lost in the bright lights of Shinjuku. Let’s go!

The 13 Shopping Spots You Shouldn’t Miss in Shinjuku


  • ― Shinjuku West Area: Where old-world charm meets modern glamour
  • Lumine
  • Shinjuku Mylord
  • ― Shinjuku South Area: Hipster Haven and Foodie Paradise
  • Flags
  • Takashimaya Time Square
  • NEWoMan
  • ― Shinjuku East Area: Home of Unique Souvenirs and Traditional Shops
  • Shinjuku Alta
  • Isetan Shinjuku Store
  • Bicqlo
  • Seibu Shinjuku Pepe
  • Books Kinokuniya
  • Muji
  • Sekaido
  • ― Shinjuku is one big shopaholic’s paradise
  • [ Japan Route Finder & Calculator:To Shinjuku]

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