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Breakfast in Shibuya



2. May. 2019

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Tokyo, a city known for its bustling city life and tons of commuters, is a surprisingly hard place to find breakfast. Most establishments only open around lunch and even the coffee shops don’t open until late morning. However, visitors don’t have to resort to a plastic-wrapped rice ball breakfast from the convenience store. Shibuya is filled with bakeries and cafes that will suit everyone from business people heading to work in the morning to partiers recovering from their all-night doings.

Breakfast in Shibuya


  • Baked Goods at 365 Days
  • Retro Breakfast at Buy Me Stand
  • Scandinavian Coffee at Fuglen
  • Classy Yet Affordable Breakfast at Hotel Koe
  • Trendy Brunch at Path
  • Comfy Chairs and Good Food at Public House
  • Cafe de Copain
  • Cafe Mame-Hico
  • City Shop
  • Bistro Rojiura
  • Are
  • Fuglen Tokyo
  • Camelback
  • Bondi Cafe Yoyogi Beach Park

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