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The Record Lover’s Guide to Shimokitazawa



1. April. 2019

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Shimokitazawa, once a sleepy West Tokyo neighborhood, was transformed in the 1970s and 1980s into cultural hotbed similar to the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, Shoreditch in London, or Kreuzberg in Berlin. Like those neighborhoods, DIY culture, fashion, art and music drove the scene. Although gentrification has spruced up Shimokitazawa (as well as Williamsburg, Shoreditch and Kreuzberg), the neighborhood has held onto something of its bohemian identity, and the streets of Shimokita are still a fine place to hit a good record shop and spend a few hours digging in the crates.

The Record Lover’s Guide to Shimokitazawa


  • Flash Disc Ranch
  • City Country City
  • Jazzy Sport Shimokitazawa
  • Shimokitazawa Night Market
  • Disk Union

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