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Best cafes in Osaka



12. June. 2019

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Tokyo’s hip coffee scene has now spread out of the capital city. Osaka, with its down to earth atmosphere and friendly people, has picked up on the trend and has been opening cafes all over the city. From New York inspired coffee shops to small 8 seaters in an art shop, Osaka truly has a wide variety in its new coffee scene.


  • New York inspired espresso at Brooklyn Roasting Company
  • Customize coffee at Lilo Coffee Roasters
  • Drink coffee on the riverside at Moto Coffee
  • An art filled cafe in retro Nakazakicho Salon de Amanto
  • Sip coffee and peruse art at Itohen
  • Wad Omotenashi Cafe
  • Experience passion in every sip at Mel Coffee Roaster
  • An aromatic coffee experience at The Coffee Coffee Coffee
  • Enter into a vending machine at W/O Stand
  • Take to Instagram with bottled drinks from Café No.
  • Enjoy an antique style café on Baton Street
  • Have a bite of your coffee cup at R.J Café
  • Relax in the Showa era at Taiyou no Tou

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