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What to Eat in Fukui Prefecture



14. January. 2019

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Fukui Prefecture boasts some of the most fertile farmland and richest fisheries in the country, lush green mountains that are blanketed with snow in the winter months, and waterways fed by ice cold mountain runoff.

Fukui also has a deep well of culture and history to draw from. The history of the prefecture is marked by warfare—ancient battles, as well as aerial bombardment during the Second World War—and trade—the kitamaebune went to the untamed north and other ships went west to Korea and China. The people of Fukui take great pride in their food and the city’s off-the-tourist-track status means that every dish is an undiscovered gem. Here are five options (and one bonus) to get you started.

What to Eat in Fukui Prefecture


  • Sample Lake Kuzuryu’s famous soba
  • Crunch through Yoroppaken’s katsudon in Fukui City
  • Sip Bon Coffee’s macha frappe near Fukui Station
  • Slurp ramen at Tsuruga’s Ichiriki
  • Experience Shojin Ryori and soba in Eiheiji
  • Take a bite out of Mikuni
  • Try Fukui Soba at Yubuan near Fukui Station
  • Eat Crab at Kani no Bo in Sakai City
  • Bonus: try Volga Rice at Yokogawa Bunten

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