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What to Do in Shima Onsen



15. March. 2018

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When one first arrives in the town of Shima Onsen, it appears so small that it may be hard to imagine there’s a huge amount to do other than unwind at your ryokan (Japanese Inn) while enjoying the scenery. Dig a little beneath the surface though, and you will find all sorts of interesting things to get you out of your ryokan and into the town. These are our favorite things to do in the town of Shima Onsen.


  • Wander the streets of a town forgotten by time
  • Free hot-springs for bathing, resting your weary feet and even drinking!
  • Okushima Lake and Dam
  • Yanagiya Yugijo Smartball Amusement Center
  • Waterfalls in Shima Onsen

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