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21 of the best things to do in Nagatoro



18. August. 2019

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An easy two-hour train trip from central Tokyo lies the tranquil town of Nagatoro, which nestles in the picturesque mountains of Saitama near Chichibu.

It’s been designated as a natural park, with a scenic river carving through its heart and the rugged peak of Mount Hodosan rising above, as well as beautiful cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

So why not jump aboard the Paleo Express, the closest operational steam locomotive to the Tokyo metropolitan area, to discover its rich history and unique culture, as well as some of the region’s gourmet specialties.

21 of the best things to do in Nagatoro


  • Take advantage of the excellent access from Tokyo
  • Arrive at the nostalgic Nagatoro Station
  • Soak up the valley views on a Nagatoro River rafting trip
  • Enjoy a variety of river activities
  • Walk, shop and eat in the Nagatoro Iwadatami Dori Shopping District
  • Sample Nagatoro's gourmet treats
  • Admire the natural rock formations of Nagatoro Iwadatami
  • Relax at a café
  • Coincide your visit with the changing autumn leaves or cherry blossoms
  • Ride the Paleo Express steam locomotive
  • Photograph the Michelin-one-star Hodosan Shrine
  • Try Japan's best shaved ice shop - Asamireizou
  • Marvel at the starry sky
  • Experience Nagatoro’s traditional festivals
  • Camp surrounded by nature
  • Make your own soba noodles
  • Enjoy the superb views on the Hodosan Ropeway
  • Explore the mysterious, scarecrow-filled village of Kakashi no Sato
  • Visit the Former Arai Family Residence
  • Take a step back in time at the Saitama Museum of Natural History
  • Enjoy a soak at the Matsuri no Yu onsen

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