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What to Eat in Ibaraki



9. March. 2018

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Ibaraki, like other global destinations for food and drink, has a rich rural history with villages making artisanal products, deep dark soil that produces excellent produce, and a long stretch of coastline with a long tradition of fishing. Entire volumes could be written about the dining culture and local products of Ibaraki but here are a few to get you started.


  • Natto Tonkatsu at Tonkatsu Hakkai
  • Shirasu Donburi at Oarai Kaisen Market
  • Pancakes at Sea Birds Café
  • Tofu Donuts at the Hina Matsuri
  • Sweet Potato Products in Daimaruya
  • Sweet Potato Gelato from Camelot, Daimaruya

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