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What to Eat in Chiba Prefecture



15. February. 2018

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Chiba Prefecture’s fish and seafood offering is as rich as one would expect given its long history as a fisheries hub. Its culinary story does not end there, however. The region is also Japan’s biggest producer of peanuts, and has developed some must-try peanut based recipes including soft ice cream. Elsewhere can be found premium-quality handcrafted rice crackers, and prize-winning noodles that pack a spicy punch.


  • Unagi Eel at Surugaya
  • Ise Ebi
  • Namero
  • Peanuts / Peanut Soft Cream at Miyoshi-ka
  • Senbei from Kaiun Senbei
  • Tantanmen at Teppatsu-ya

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