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  • Miyazaki is a city on the South Eastern coast of Kyushu and is well known for its coastal scenery and its beautiful mountainous regions which are wonderfully complemented by a bustling nightlife scene, world-class resorts, and numerous sports facilities. The city offers utmost convenience, with the Nishitachi nightlife district and an almost unending selection of fun traditional and modern restaurants sitting a mere 700 meters from the central train station.

    Regarded as one of the best surf spots in Japan, Miyazaki’s location ensures a consistent swell as waves get energized by passing typhoons – for this reason, the best time of year to catch the bigger waves is from September through until November, as this is Typhoon season. December through to April also offers excellent surfing conditions, but a thick wetsuit is highly recommended to brave the frigid waters. Miyazaki’s chilled atmosphere and distance from other major cities make for an ideal spot to escape the crowds and relax on a quiet beach or catch a few waves.

    If surfing isn’t your thing, there is a multitude of world-class sightseeing to do while staying in Miyazaki - ranging from a generous array of natural history museums to lovely parks, and shrines. A great day trip from Miyazaki is the island of Aoshima which makes for an ideal cultural outing, with the beautiful sweeping sea breezes of the island providing a nice respite from the mainland heat during the summer. Connected to mainland Miyazaki by a bridge, a pleasant stroll around Aoshima island is no more than 1.5km, with many vendors selling a myriad of unique wares along the way.

    While Miyazaki is known for its pristine white sand beaches and surf swell, another excellent drawing card which sees visitors come to the southern city in droves is the food. Miyazaki cuisine is known across Japan as ‘soul-soothing food’ – must try dishes are Miyazaki Beef, charcoal grilled chicken, refreshing lettuce rolls, Chicken Nanban, Niku-Maki Onigiri, and perhaps the most famous of all Miyazaki cuisine – the humble mango, which has found the ideal growing conditions in sunny Miyazaki.

    Over to the north of Miyazaki city is Takachiho, a town imbued with Japanese mythology. It is renowned by many in Japan as a ‘power spot’ – a sight of deep spiritual significance whose organic beauty radiates natural earth energy. While to the southwest one will find the active volcanic mountain range of Kirishima, another site of spiritual importance that is quite significant in Japanese mythology, and a wonderful spot to experience Japan’s natural beauty.

    Miyazaki boasts a natural array of human-made and organic beauty - towering mountains, historic towns shrouded in myth, and breathtaking natural surrounds can be found throughout, and all are conveniently accessible thanks to the well connected local train system.

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    Toyoko Inn Miyazaki Ekimae

    2-2-31, Oimatsu Miyazaki

    • Toyoko Inn Miyazaki Ekimae
    • Toyoko Inn Miyazaki Ekimae
    • Toyoko Inn Miyazaki Ekimae
    • Toyoko Inn Miyazaki Ekimae
    • Toyoko Inn Miyazaki Ekimae
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