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At the very north of the Izu peninsula lie Numazu and Mishima, two cities found along the Tokaido Shinkansen route. With easy access to all corners of Japan from Numazu and Mishima stations, this is a perfect stop off with plenty to do before heading on to your next destination.

  • The Tokaido Shinkansen, or bullet train, runs from Tokyo all the way down to Shin-Osaka Station. With Numazu and Mishima just one hour from Tokyo Station, and just five minutes apart from each other, the two cities are a common stop off point thanks to their handy location which gives easy access to Izu Peninsula, Mt. Fuji, Hakone and the rest of Shizuoka Prefecture to the west.

    Convenience aside, Numazu and Mishima are worth a proper visit as they overflow with cultural attractions, places to stay, and fantastic views over the neighboring mountains both to the north and south. The city of Mishima is a cultural hub with a huge number of temples, shrines, and parks spread out around the city. A tour of the streets will take you from places of prayer on the ground all the way up to the Mishima Skywalk, Japan’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge which boasts 360-degree views over the sea and surrounding mountains including the iconic Fuji-san.

    Just 6km to the west of Mishima, Numazu is a long and narrow city spreading along the west coast of the top of Izu Peninsula looking out onto Suruga Bay. After being burnt down in 1926 and destroyed again during WWII much of the city is relatively newly built. However, what Numazu lacks in history it makes up for in scenic beaches. The city’s Senbonhama, or Thousand Tree Beach, is celebrated as one of the prime spots for viewing the Japanese Alps from afar with the added benefit of Mt. Fuji, less than 50km away, in the foreground.

    The kilometers of coastline and Kano River in Numazu both offer a number of watersports to try your hand at while the surrounding nature offer hiking, cycling, and camping opportunities for anyone wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. With both cities offering trusty, far-spreading bus networks it’s easy to make your way back to Numazu or Mishima stations to head off south down Izu’s east coast, north on a bus up to Mt. Fuji and its surrounding lakes, or to carry on west through the rest of Shizuoka and finally into the Kansai region.

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