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What to Eat in Morioka



24. October. 2017

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Known for its icy winters, much of Morioka’s local cuisine consists of wholesome dishes designed to warm your cockles when the snow’s falling fast outside your window. The Iwate capital’s most iconic dishes are undoubtedly the “3 Great Noodles of Morioka”, which refers to the all-you-can-eat wanko soba, flavorsome miso jajamen, and reimen, the region’s summer take on noodles. However, the city overflows with shops, cafes, and restaurants where you can get your hands on anything from pumpkin seed senbei crackers to Japanese-Western fusion food.


  • Local dishes at the farmers market
  • Jajamen noodles
  • Wanko soba
  • Fukuda Pan
  • Hamburgers from Belle

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