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Where to Go in the Mount Fuji Area



24. September. 2017

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So you’ve climb Mount Fuji and the view from the top has left you wanting to explore more of this beautiful region below. The sightseeing options around the area are infinite and can take you around the foot of the iconic Fujisan from the Fuji Five Lakes area in the north to Fujinomiya in the southwest. Along the way you can appreciate blossoming flowers, stroll through unique hot spring ponds, visit an open-air museum and former traditional village, and feel the freshness of mystical waterfalls.


  • Yamanakako Flower Park (Hanano Miyako Kouen)
  • Oshino Hakkai Springs
  • Gaspard and Lisa Town
  • Iyashi No Sato Nenba at Lake Saiko
  • Shiraito Falls

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