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The Sweet Side of Mount Fuji



24. September. 2017

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From many points around Mount Fuji it is easy to see the natural beauty of Japan’s crown jewel, towering over the lakes and nearby forests. But for those with a sweet tooth, the adventure can be made that bit sweeter by discovering the numerous desserts and sweet snacks on offer in the area. The area is famous for its agriculture and in particular for its fruit and dairy products. Based on this, the local food is big on fruity desserts that also pay homage to the region’s beloved Mount Fuji. We have a list of suggestions perfect to calm your cravings and savour the sweetness of the Mount Fuji region.

The Sweet Side of Mount Fuji


  • Asagiri Food Park’s Soft Cream
  • Mifujiya’s Mix Berry Affogato at Shiraito Falls
  • Fujisan Ice Cream Sandwich at the Fujiyama Museum
  • Blueberry Softcream at the Kawaguchiko’s Natural Living Centre
  • Gaia Restaurant’s Fujisan Fruit Jelly

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