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Yamanashi’s Fuji Five Lakes



23. September. 2017

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The Fuji Five Lakes region, or Fujigoko as it is known in Japanese, is a set of lakes that formed on the northern foot of Mount Fuji as a result of past eruptions. Being in close proximity of the volcanic mountain, the region is blessed with rich agriculture, plenty of hot springs, and of course uncontested views of Mount Fuji. Understandably so, this is one of the favourite all-season playgrounds for vacationers both from Tokyo and beyond. When traveling from Tokyo, the Fujigoko begins with Lake Yamanakako, the largest of the five lakes, which is then followed by east to west by Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Saiko, Shoji Lake, and Lake Motosu.


  • Lake Yamanakako
  • Lake Kawaguchiko
  • Lake Saiko
  • Shojiko Lake
  • Lake Motosuko

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