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Camping Around Mount Fuji



11. June. 2019

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With only a couple of hours’ drive separating Tokyo from the Fuji Five Lakes region and the Asagiri Highland, the pristine nature around Mount Fuji is an excellent option to escape the summer heat of the big city. One of the best ways to enjoy the getaway is to pick a campsite, pack a tent, and head for one of the scenic campsites that not only give visitors quick access to the water but also the opportunity to wake up to an amazing view of Mount Fuji at your doorstep. Whether you go all out and pitch a tent or you’re more of the cottage type, Yamanashi’s campgrounds have got you covered. Here are eight of the best options to experience outdoorsy hospitality Yamanashi-style.

Camping Around Mount Fuji


  • Koan Camping Ground Lake Motosuko
  • Lake Tanukiko Camping Ground in Fujinomiya
  • Shojiko Camping Cottage
  • Saiko Camp Village Gnome on Lake Saiko
  • Saiko Jiyu Camping Ground
  • Saiko Tsuhara Camp site
  • PICA Fuji Saiko Lake
  • Private Cottage CAMP33 Lake Yamanaka

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