Fuji Five Lakes Overview Fuji Five Lakes Overview

Fuji Five Lakes Overview



Fuji Five Lakes Overview
  • The Fuji Five Lakes region, or Fujigoko as it is known in Japanese, is a set of lakes that formed on the northern foot of Mount Fuji as a result of past eruptions. Being in proximity to the volcanic mountain, the region is blessed with rich agriculture, plenty of hot springs, and of course uncontested views of Mount Fuji. Understandably so, this is one of the favourite all-season playgrounds for vacationers both from Tokyo and beyond. When traveling from Tokyo, the Fujigoko begins with Lake Yamanakako, the largest of the five lakes, which is then followed from east to west by Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Saiko, Shoji Lake, and Lake Motosu.

    The region is beautiful on its own, but the main reason to visit it is to enjoy the many stunning views of the iconic volcano. This beauty however is elusive and although the Five Lakes sit at the foot of Mount Fuji, getting the perfect shot of lakes with the mountain in the background is not guaranteed. If what you’re after are the scenic views then we recommend you avoid visiting the region during the summer season. During this time, and especially during the rainy season starting in June, Mount Fuji tends to be covered by thick clouds. It won’t be impossible to see, but you might end up having to wake up at 5am to enjoy just a few minutes of the clear skies and the mountain.

    Beyond seeing Mount Fuji, the Fuji Five Lakes region has a variety of activities worthy of your vacation time. Every season they have something to offer: soaking in one of many hot spring resorts which get their water directly from Mount Fuji, learning about the iconic volcano at the Fujisan World Heritage Centre or the Fujisan Radar Museum, admiring the splendor of the cherry blossoms in the spring or the the fall foliage, and taking advantage of the lakeside activities which include camping, fishing, kayaking, and fruit picking.

    A trip to the Fuji Five Lakes wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the local food. The dish to try in the region is “hoto”, an udon noodle soup dish full of delicious vegetables and served in a huge iron pot. This signature dish is more satisfying during the colder months as it is sure to warm you up quickly. But this is not all - horse meat udon, Fujisan tofu, juicy steaks, and the mouthwatering fruits and the desserts will definitely keep your flavour buds excited during your stay.

    With only 2 hours separating the Fuji Five Lakes from central Tokyo, a trip to this beautiful region is perfect for both long and short trips. If you’re short of time, a day trip to Kawaguchiko is quiet doable and will surely leave you with many great souvenirs.

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