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Where to Eat in Kanazawa



20. May. 2019

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Thanks to its proximity to the sea and its history of rice cultivation, Kanazawa is sure to not disappoint with its local cuisine. With the huge increase of visitors over the years, local businesses are flourishing and the restaurant scene is more alive than ever before.


  • Omicho Market
  • Gold Leaf Ice Cream in the Higashi Chaya District
  • Nagamachi
  • Izakaya in Katamachi
  • 1.Hand-Rolled Sushi at Coil (Omicho Market)
  • 2. Fu at Saryo Fumuroya (Omicho Market)
  • 3. Mystery Cafe Nazoya Coffee Shop (Omicho Market)
  • 4. Seafood at Hirai (Omicho Market)
  • 5. Seafood at Iki-iki Tei (Omicho Market)
  • 6. Traditional Japanese at Saijiki Ajimu (Omicho Market)
  • 7. Oden at Ippukuya (Omicho Market)
  • 8. Baked Treats at Bistro Hiramipan (Kenroku-en)
  • 9.Ethnic Food at Turban Curry (Kenroku-en)
  • 10. Seafood at Sushi Kuratake (Kenroku-en)
  • 11.Oden at Chikuwa (Kenroku-en)
  • 12. Japanese at Chōkichi (Higashi Chaya)
  • 13.Western-Style Japanese at Jiyuken (Higashi Chaya)
  • 14. Japanese at Higashiyama Mizuho (Higashi Chaya)
  • 15. Kaiseki-Ryōri at Jugatsuya (Higashi Chaya)
  • 16.Miso Soup at Yamato Soy Sauce & Miso Shop, Higashiyama (Higashi Chaya)
  • 17. A Light Snack at Cafe Yanagi-An (Higashi Chaya)
  • 18. Western-Style Japanese at Fumuroya Café (Higashi Chaya)
  • 19. Western Food at Oriental Brewing (Higashi Chaya)
  • 20. PLAT HOME Kanazawa Kitchen (Katamachi)

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