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What to Eat in Okinawa



2. August. 2019

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So, you’ve come to the Okinawa expecting restaurant menus to be filled with lots of seafood dishes because of course, you are visiting an island.

Surprisingly though, pork and vegetables rule on these islands. These ingredients are what you commonly find served in the restaurant scene.

Okinawans have a thing for longevity and their dishes which are heavy on the veggie side often reflect this. Here are some of the dishes you need to try while visiting the islands.

What to Eat in Okinawa


  • Goya Champuru
  • Rafute
  • Kame Soba
  • Sata Andagi and Tapioca Balls
  • Umi Budou (green caviar)
  • Okinawan Tofu
  • Jimami Tofu
  • Pork Egg Onigiri
  • Blue Seal Ice Cream
  • Taco Rice
  • Awamori
  • Orion Beer
  • Shops and restaurants where you can experience Okinawa’s gourmet produce
  • Yunangi
  • Shimatoate
  • Blue Seal
  • Pork Tamago Onigiri
  • Inaka - specialty is Soki Soba
  • Hanasho Makishi - specialty is Jimani tofu
  • Matsubaraya Seika
  • Ishigufu Oroku Gushi shop
  • Baku - Craft beer house
  • Taco rice café Kijimuna
  • Makabechina
  • Yama-no-Chaya Rakusui
  • Umi Monogatari

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