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What to Eat in Yoshino



11. July. 2017

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Given the town’s rich history, its proximity to culinary hubs Osaka and Kyoto and the strong ties with local farmers and innovative restaurant owners, eating in Yoshino is nothing short of a cultural adventure. If it’s classic Japanese cuisine you’re after the streets are lined with vendors ready to indulge you in everything local. However for those looking for a more modern take on Nara style dishes, newer establishments like Hanasaka Organic Café are ready to cater to your vegan needs. One of the biggest highlights of eating your way through Yoshino is during spring, as local vendors celebrate by crafting unique seasonal sweets inspired by their surroundings. Loosen those belt buckles because it’s impossible to not try everything you can see.

What to Eat in Yoshino


  • Chirimen Jako from a local stand
  • Kakinoha-zushi from Hyoutaro Sushi
  • Hanami Dango fresh off the grill
  • Kuzumochi from a traditional sweets store
  • Sakuramochi from a street vendor

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