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Visiting Japan: Top 39 Things to Do in Kyoto



12. October. 2019

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Kyoto, also known as Japan’s Cultural Center is famous for its traditional festivals, old wooden tea houses and historical Buddhist temples.
Founded in the year 794, Kyoto has centuries of history and culture in its name.
This is the best place to go to if you want an authentic Japanese experience.

Visiting Japan: Top 39 Things to Do in Kyoto


  • What to Do in Kyoto?
  • Amanohashidate: The Renowned Iconic Landscape of the Historic Bridge to Heaven
  • Experience World-class Specialty Coffee at % Arabica Coffee
  • Find Tranquility in Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
  • Have a Thrilling Joyride with a View by the Sagano Romantic Train and Hozugawa River Boat Tour
  • Go Train Watching for Free While Lounging at the Public Arashiyama Foot Bath
  • Arashiyama’s Hidden Gem: The 1,200 Enchanting Rakan Statues of Otagi Nenbutsuji
  • Take a Spiritual Hike at the Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Enjoy a Teahouse Experience with a Maiko or Geisha
  • Have a Nihonshu Brewery Tour at Fushimi Sake District
  • Go Café Hopping along the Philosopher’s Path
  • Taste Kyoto’s Farm-to-Table Obanzai Lunches
  • Attend a Cooking Class and Learn to Make Wagashi in Gion
  • Rurikoin Temple: A Stunning Live Piece of Art in Hiei
  • Ine Funaya: A Traditional Lifestyle by the Sea at the Venice of Japan
  • Cool Down with a Romantic Summer Dinner at Kamogawa’s Noryo-Yuka
  • Get Energized with a Healthy Brunch at Kawaramachi Street
  • Go Star-watching at Shogunzuka: The Best Night View
  • Take a UNESCO World Heritage Sites Tour Along Kinukake no Michi
  • A Trip to Japan’s Very Own “Park Guell”: Domoto Insho Museum
  • Line up for Kyoto’s Best Wagashi - Demachi Futaba’s Mame Daifuku
  • Simmer Down at the Sauna no Umeyu
  • Go for a Dreamy Tour at Kodaiji Temple
  • Dress up in a Kimono Rental and Wander through Gion
  • Save Some Bucks with a Kyoto City Subway and Bus One-day Pass
  • Admire the Toji Temple – Japan’s Tallest Pagoda
  • Take Wonderful Photos at the Picture-perfect Canal of the Nanzenji Temple
  • Fall in Love with the Sakura Illumination at Nijo Castle
  • Taste the Delectable “10 minute Mont Blanc” at Sweets Cafe KYOTO KEIZO
  • Create Your Own Souvenirs at the Glass Workshop Nazuna
  • Unboxing Kyoto’s Kitchen: Nishiki Market
  • Go Izakaya Hopping at Pontocho and Kiyamachi
  • Discover “Long Life Design” at the D&D Department Kyoto
  • Take Home Your Very Own Historic Kaikado Canister
  • Get This Instagram-worthy Giant Wata-ame at Jeremy & Jemimah
  • Have an Aesthetically Pleasing Tea-break at Kaikado Café
  • Enjoy Guilt-Free, Ethical, Organic Donuts at Koe’s Donut Factory
  • Grind Your Own Matcha at Mitsuboshien-Kanbayashisannyu-Honten in Uji
  • Eat Breakfast Like a Local with Songbird Coffee’s Fluffy Egg Sandwich
  • Have an “Only-in-Kyoto” Experience by Staying at a Machiya Style Hostel

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