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Nishiki Market : 10 of the Best Street Foods



28. September. 2019

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Nishiki market (錦市場) is a street in central Kyoto where fresh food has been sold for over four hundred years. Nicknamed “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, we promise that if you make your way here, you won't be hungry once you leave.

Nishiki Market : 10 of the Best Street Foods


  • Access to the Nishiki Market
  • 10 of the Best Recommended Street Foods to try at the Nishiki Market
  • Kai :A unique Tako Tamago Octopus
  • Sengyo Kimura: Carpaccio of Toro-salmon
  • Tanaka Keiran : Dashimaki
  • Konnamonja : Soy Milk Matcha Soft Ice cream
  • Hatanaka Shoten : Komochi Kensaki Ika
  • Inoue Tsukudaniten : Famous Chocolate Croquette
  • Nishiki Kofukudo : Fu Manju
  • Uoriki : Hamo Kushi
  • Meat Shop Hiro : Menchi katsu
  • Karikari Hakase : Jumbo Takoyaki

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