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What to Eat in Nagasaki



23. June. 2017

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Beyond its magnificent landmarks and beautiful scenery, Nagasaki is also a gourmet city with a broad food offering influenced by its trading past and bountiful sea. Eating in the city is a pleasure of many flavours, hand-crafted food, and rich dining experiences. Refreshing ice cream on the streets, sponge cake(castella cake) inherited from the Portuguese, over-the-top chinese noodles, fresh seafood from local waters, and hand-crafted croquettes and gyozas, are some of the main highlights on Nagasaki’s menu.


  • Chanpom at Keikaen
  • Seafood at Tarafuku Asa
  • Chirin Chirin Ice Cream on the Streets
  • Turkish Rice at Nicky Arnstein
  • Gyoza at Hitokuchi Gyoza Hountei

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