Kurokabe Workshop Experience



Kurokabe Workshop Experience
  • Kurokabe Square has been developed in parallel with the arts and crafts industry. Working with the community of artists, the Kurokabe organization offers visitors the opportunity to acquire beautiful handmade pieces at the Glass Kansho Kan (glass museum) and at the same time the chance to try a variety of workshops related the art of glass making.

    glass blowing worksho

    glass blowing worksho

    The workshop centre is located on the old Hokkoku Kaido road have a block away from the
    glass museum. A modern building stands out amongst the old machiya houses; this is where you will need to register for the various workshops which include the stained glass experience, glass engraving, sand-blasted glass design, and an exciting glass blowing workshop held at a professional facility near by. The classes offered here are great for

    visitors of all-ages, but are a perfect idea for those traveling with kids, or if you are traveling with a group of friends looking for an interactive option. The experiences range both in price and content. Prices range between 1,200 yen and 3,500 yen. All the workshops are hands-on and interactive but some of the activities will involve close contact with furnaces and the actual shaping of glass, thus requiring extra care and attention. One thing to consider, specially for short-stay visitors, is that the final product resulting from the glass-blowing workshop will not be available on the spot. Participants will have to leave their creations at the studio and will receive it at a later date in the mail. Shipping is only done within Japan so if you are leaving the country soon after, the staff will recommend for you to try a different workshop.

    glass blowing worksho

    glass blowing worksho

    If you do want to take part in the workshops but can only do one, the best one try is the glass-making workshop (shipping considerations aside). As professional artist will guide you through the process from start to finish. Walking you through the preparation and safety steps, and setting you up with all the necessary equipment. Suited up with an apron, gloves, and raw glass, you start shaping up your own piece of glass, seeing take its form with every twist and roll. After several minutes of meticulous glass crafting and blowing, you will end up with a gratifying art piece of your own. This is a delightful experience that will give you a better appreciation for this artform and the work exhibited around Kurokabe.

    glass-pyramid fountain

    glass-pyramid fountain

    For the travellers with a lack of time to try on the workshops, but with the desire to get a closer look at how the local artwork, there is an exhibition space behind the Kurokabe old bank building. Besides showcasing a beautiful collection of glass work, you can also see the
    artist up close, both at the studio’s furnace and at the studio space on the second floor. The
    artwork is available for purchase, making it a great souvenir to take home. You can cap it all off with a look at the glass-pyramid fountain just outside the studio gallery, yet another sample of Nagahama’s passion for art.

    Kurokabe Glass Trial Class


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    長濱元浜町宿場 片原楽家

    11-4 Nagahama


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